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About Dog Grooming

Grooming is an important part of your dogs care.  Determining your dogs breed, age and health helps us to provide your dog with their own individual grooming requirements.

Many dogs require significantly less grooming than others, however a frequent visit to the grooming parlour is advisable as this ensures someone is checking your dogs:- skin, coat, nails, anal glands, any minor cuts, lumps, warts, hernias, skin problems and ear problems that you as an owner are sometimes not aware of.  Also non-shedding coat dogs will need their ears plucking on a regular basis to avoid infections occurring.  All of the above are covered on a general appointment at our grooming parlour.

Many owners comment on the behavioural changes in their dog after a trip to our grooming parlour, as just like us a new hair cut and pampering makes your dog feel good too.

Some of the main reasons for grooming your dog on a regular basis:

  • improves the health of your dogs skin and coat

  • general cleanliness of your dog

  • Removes loose, moulting, shedding and all dead hair from the coat, making way for new healthy hair growth.

  • There is not an inch of your dogs skin, coat and body that an experienced groomer does not see, therefore grooming plays a massive part in the wellbeing of your pet ensuring early diagnosis of any health problems which may be present.

  • Dogs do not like a heavy, dirty coat and from the unclean, shaggy dog which arrives in the grooming parlour to the clean, happy and bouncy dog that leaves, its a very rewarding sight for both groomer and owner.

To make a booking or for just some professional advice on grooming your pet, we're always on hand to assist you in any way we can.

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