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Choosing the Perfect Puppy

Are you looking for a new puppy?

New Puppy and OwnerBringing a dog into your life can be extremely fun and rewarding, yet this decision also comes with big commitments and a great deal of responsibility, which some new owners don’t realise or expect! It is important to ensure your lifestyle suits having a dog, that you can afford one, and that you choose the right breed to match your family.

Below are some main factors you will need to consider;

-          Do you work full time?

-          Is someone at home most of the time to care for your dog?

-          Is your home suitable?

-          Do you have a fenced garden?

-          Who will be responsible for feeding, exercising and grooming your dog?

-          Can you afford the food, veterinary fees, equipment, toys and treats, vaccinations, boarding and grooming fees?


Once you have weighed up whether having a dog would be right for you, the next step is to choose a suitable breed!

With 100’s of breeds out there, making this decision can be overwhelming. Make sure you do your research on a variety of breeds which you feel would suit you, considering their temperament, size, exercise and grooming requirements. If you are unsure, here at Home from Home Pet Care we can discuss with you the types of breeds that may match your lifestyle, or advise you from our experience about a particular breed you are interested in. Using the Puppy Index developed by the Pet Care Trust, we can also locate local established and recommended Kennel Club breeders to ensure you are buying a puppy which has been correctly raised and cared for. Buying from a reputable source is essential in terms of reducing the likelihood of inherited health or behavioural problems, and to ensure the puppy you buy has had the best possible upbringing in its first vital stages of development.

We also stock a carefully selected range of pet products, including food, toys and training equipment, of which we can advise and help you decide on the best choice for your puppy.


To help get you started with your decision, there are 7 categories that all breeds are placed under;


Hounds Beagle Puppy


HOUNDS – e.g Beagle. Originally used for hunting either by sight or scent. Require a high level of exercise. Trustworthy but aloof companions.

Gundogs Labrador Puppy

GUNDOGS – e.g Labrador retriever or Springer Spaniel. Originally used for finding/retrieving game. Active breeds requiring a high level of exercise and mental stimulation. Often make good companions and family dogs.

Terriers Jack Russell Puppy

TERRIERS – e.g Jack Russell. Originally bred to hunt vermin. Very brave and hardy. Require a good level of exercise and stimulation despite their small size.

Toy Pug Puppy

TOY – e.g Chihuahua or Pug. Small companion or lap dogs – love attention and have friendly personalities. They do not require a high degree of exercise.

Utility Standard Poodle Puppy

UTILITY – e.g Dalmation or Poodle. Miscellaneous varied mix of breeds usually of a non-sporting origin, bred to perform a specific function. The Dalmation for example was bred to run beside carriages, and has high levels of stamina and endurance.

Working Boxer Puppy

WORKING – e.g Doberman or Boxer. Guard, search and rescue dogs selectively bred to aid humans. Such breeds are often headstrong, intelligent and robust, often unsuitable for novice owners but respond very well to training.

Pastoral Border Collie Puppy

PASTORAL – e.g Border collie. Originally bred to work herding cattle, sheep and reindeer. They are highly intelligent, have boundless energy and will need an outlet for this energy if they are not working, such as agility or flyball.


Although the groups above may give you an outline of the different types of breeds out there, genetic and environmental factors also affect a dog's temperament. The grooming and exercise requirements for different breeds also varies considerably. It is important to choose a dog which not only has the correct temperament to suit your family, but one who’s needs match the level of exercise, stimulation and training you can provide.

Please see our list of the UK top ten dog breeds for more information by clicking here.


Don't forget there are also hundreds of rescue dogs out there looking for homes, which when matched to the right family, can make excellent companions. Cross breeds are also less prone to health problems.

Please call Gemmaour resident dog trainer on 01482 633574 or email to discuss this further or for any advice you need on breeds or where to buy a puppy. You are also welcome to book an assessment, where we can advise you further through our Pet Industry Federation Puppy Index and discuss your options, as well as advise you on training, nutrition and dog behaviour.