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Dog Day School

Would you like you dog to learn something new whilst being cared for daily? ...... Our dog day school service is just the thing for you and your dog.


Day care with training and extra activities ..... dog day school provides a fun, positive training experience for your dog.  

During dog day school your dog will have training sessions with our trainers in our on site training facilities. We teach basic obedience and manners such as sit, down, stay and recall.  We can even cover anything you are already teaching your dog if requested, giving you flexibility and a helping hand on anything your dog is struggling on with their obedience as and when required.

Your dog will also have two walks and two play sessions included in the daily fee, allowing them time to play and socialize with other dogs helping to build on important social relationships with other dogs.  This provides both mental and physical stimulation throughout the day, but we also understand dogs need time to relax so a nice comfy bed is provided in a large, spacious heated kennel.


Please see below a list of services we provide for your dog whilst in our care:

  • Friendly, qualified & experienced pet carers and dog trainers to look after your dogs every need.
  • Well-being sessions to monitor your dogs care throughout the day.
  • Reinforcement of positive separation from you and your family to limit separation anxiety in the future.
  • 30 minute obedience or activity session at our training school or agility park with a qualified dog trainer.
  • Play sessions for fun socialization with other dogs twice per day.
  • Individual walks on our secure paddock twice per day.
  • Weight monitoring with professional Vet Scales for dogs using the day school to lose weight.
  • Lunch time.  Dogs can bring their own lunch or we can provide any named brand pet food.
  • Dog beds with vet bed provided for quiet time. Alternatively you can bring your dogs favorite blanket.
  • Short videos and photos will be taken throughout the day and posted to our Facebook page.
  • At least 1 member of staff at all times will have a current certificate in animal first aid.

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We are based in Swanland near Hull.  Want to find out more about the Yorkshire Canine Academy?  Just click here.