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Canine Academy Prospectus

Our Kennel Club listed Canine Academy provides an extensive range of courses for you and your dog to learn through a progressive, force-free reward-based structure pioneered by luminaries in animal behavior such as Jean Donaldson and Dr Ian Dunbar.

Below are options of courses and classes our Canine Academy provides.  Please click any of the links on each to find out more. 


Entry - Initial Dog Training Assessment

An initial dog training assessment will be required for all puppies or adult dogs before enrolling on any of our courses or one to one sessions. The assessment will be carried out with qualified dog trainer, taking half an hour on a day that suits you.  After this initial assessment you will be advised on your options for further dog training as given below.

  • For more information on our dog training assessments, please click here

Dog Training Classes

Would you like your dog to listen to you and respond to your commands?  Group dog training classes are an excellent way to develop obedience and control, whilst also socializing your dog with others. Our aim is to enable you to have the best classes led by the most knowledgeable dog trainers in the smallest class sizes the region has to offer.  All our dog trainers use modern, force-free reward-based techniques enabling you and your dog to enjoy every stage of our courses.

  • For more information on our group classes, please click here.

One to One Dog Training

Would you like training sessions which are tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs?  One to one dog training sessions are often favored by people who need flexibility on when they can attend a dog training class, and for owners and their dogs who would prefer or require more attention than most.  The one to one attention received from the dog training instructor is sometimes needed for more challenging dogs that have had little or no previous training, or for owners wanting to develop specific aspects of their dog’s obedience.  Socialization can also be incorporated into a one to one session if required.

  • For more information on our One to One dog training sessions, please click here.

Residential Dog Training

Would you like dog training incorporated into your dog’s holiday or during daily boarding with us?  Residential training can be provided by the dog trainer during boarding or day care at the kennels. Daily boarding may also be advised for dogs which require socialization with other dogs, people and new environments.  This has been a very helpful option for a large number of dogs who have suffered from separation anxiety.

  • For more information on our residential dog training service, please click here.

Puppy Socialization

Do you need a safe and secure environment to socialize your puppy?  Our Puppy Playgroups offer the owner a unique opportunity to introduce his or her puppy to many additional sights, sounds and experiences in a controlled and responsible way.  They give the opportunity to educate the whole family, especially children about responsible dog ownership, including socialisation, habituation, training and general healthcare  All our socialization sessions are overseen by a qualified, experienced member of the dog training team.


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