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Dog Training Policy

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In the interest of everyone having an enjoyable experience using our canine academy please read through our dog training policy below.



Home From Home Canine Academy, Tranby Lane, Swanland, East Riding of Yorkshire. HU14 3NF

The Canine Academy is located straight after the main Home From Home Pet Care car park.  Please follow sign posts to the Canine Academy by car where parking is available outside of the Canine Academy.  Please call 01482 633574 (Option 3) if you are struggling to find us.

Please bring on you first visit:

    • Current vaccination record.
    • Your dog, wearing either a flat collar or harness, or both.
    • Yummy, 'proper treats' in small sized pieces no bigger than your fingernail.
Please keep your dog on a lead and take care when getting in and out of your car, and do not let your dog approach other dogs on your first visit.  A safe, supervised introduction is always best for your dog on your initial visit.  All family members are welcome, including children as long as they are well behaved, with an adult present.
All dogs in our classes have already undergone an assessment to check their suitability in a class environment, however some dogs can struggle more than anticipated and if this is the case we will sort out a different training program for your dog.


At Home From Home Canine Academy we believe in positive dog training to enhance your relationship with your pet which is founded in science but ruled by ethics, and our dog training reflects this.  Because of our positive dog training philosophy, we ask both dog trainers and clients to respect the following training policy at all times.

Coercive and punitive techniques and equipment will not be used or allowed on the premises at any point during training!

This includes:

  • Choke/Check Chains, Prong or Spike Collars
  • Pet Corrector or Dog Stop
  • Any type of spray or anti-bark collars
  • Liquid sprays
  • Training Disks
  • Cesar Millan style control collars
  • Loud noise deterrents such as rattle bottles/chains/keys
  • Throwing items at a dog
  • Pinching/hitting or pushing a dog in to position
  • 'Alpha Roll' and scruffing of any dog
  • Any manhandling that may cause pain, distress or discomfort
* This list is not exhaustive and may be updated at any time.
We reserve the right to ask a client to leave, and not allow a client to continue training with us if any of the above methods are used on-site.  In this instance no refund shall be given for fees paid.


Once you've completed your class assessment and payment has been received, you will be provided with a confirmation receipt.  Full payment is required at the time of registration to reserve a space in a class.  A place will not be held until payment is received, along with a signature stating you have read and fully understand our dog training policy.  Both payment and signature must be received a minimum of one week before the commencement of the first class,  Please be aware that spaces fill up quickly as classes are now limited to a maximum of Six dogs per class only.



You must present proof of annual core booster vaccinations in order to participate.  Infectious Bronchitis (Kennel Cough) vaccination is also compulsory.  We would also advise you to keep up to date with your dogs Flea, Tick and Worming preventative care in the interests of all other dogs and owners participating.



Students enrolled on any of our courses will be required to attend the first class.  If you miss any other classes please contact your course trainer to discuss topics and homework.  Drop in/make-up classes are not permitted within your course fees but you can cover anything you have missed on a 1 to 1 session with your course trainer prior to the next class starting which would incur an additional fee.  Students who are not pre-enrolled but have undertaken previous training with us may be able to join any course at the course trainers discretion, provided there is space available.  New students may be allowed to join a course after the first class, in special circumstances, at the course trainers discretion.  Female dogs in season cannot attend classes under any circumstances  (Note: A season lasts three weeks) and a refund will not be given unless it is your dogs first season.


For Every Class

For all classes at Home From Home Canine Academy, please note:

    • For your pet's safety, all dogs must remain on lead within the premises and must not greet other dogs unless specifically instructed by the dog trainer.
    • A flat collar, martingale collar, head halter or harness is required.
    • A non-retractable lead is required, preferably not a metal lead.  No flexi-leads or slip leads are permitted.
    • Please take your dog for a walk before the class starts.  A dog that is physically tired will be more attentive in class and thus learn more quickly.  Please also pick up after your dog on-site.  Poo Bags are available should require them, please just ask.
    • Please bring plenty of your dogs favorite treats to class.
    • It is important not to feed your dog just before attending any classes.  Also let your dog rest for awhile after their class and also after walking before feeding.
    • Please arrive for class five minutes before the start time, as classes will start punctually.
    • Please wear suitable footwear for the classes, flat shoes with grip on soles.
Treats for training classes and out and about should always be meat-based, such as cocktail sausages, ham, chicken, hot dogs; or cheese (either cubed or soft cheese in a tube such as Primula).  If you arrive without treats or should you require additional treats we provide an excellent range of the very best treats available for your dog in the Canine Academy shop.  Cereal based or biscuit treats will not normally be a high enough reward for dogs in an environment outside the home.

Children In Class

All family members are encouraged to attend our courses. To protect the safety of everyone in class, canines and humans alike, please follow the guidelines below:

    • Children must be under control and supervised by an adult for the entire class and duration of the course.
    • No running or yelling will be permitted.
    • No child will be permitted to climb on any equipment intended for dog use.
    • Since not all dogs are comfortable around or friendly towards children, children should be instructed to never approach or pet any other dog in class


Our policy on pricing is simple.  Clearly stated fees with no hidden charges.  Please refer to other sections of our website to find our fees or call 01482 633574 (Option 3) for more details.



If the minimum enrollment for a class is not met four days prior to the first class commencing, the class will be cancelled and rescheduled.  You will be contacted via telephone to see if you would like to enroll in the rescheduled class, receive credit towards a future class, chose another suitable class or receive a full refund.  We shall not be liable for any failure or delay in services due wholly or partially to any event beyond reasonable control of the party (" Force Majeure"). 



A full refund will be offered if we are notified that you wish to cancel your dogs attendance at least ten days prior to the start date of your dogs course.  If your dog is unable to attend due to injury or illness after the initial assessment but within ten days of the commencement of the course, you will receive a 50% credit on a future course.  For this to be awarded we would require a receipt of veterinary treatment.  No refunds or credits shall be given after your attendance on one or more of the classes within a course unless you have grounds for complaint and such complaints should be made to Home From Home Pet Care's General Manager.



For the protection of all participants in group classes, Home From Home Canine Academy reserves the right to decline entry to any dog who presents behaviour issues that may be dangerous or disruptive to the class.  If any of the dog trainers at Home From Home Canine Academy determines that a dog is not able to participate in the group class, you will be referred to a private consultation with an appropriately qualified dog trainer and given a full refund.



Home From Home Canine Academy takes all reasonable precautions within the structure of our classes and on our premises to avoid injury to both dogs and owners.  However , we would like to make it clear that you are responsible for your own dogs behaviour when around people and other dogs.  We will not be held responsible for any persons or dogs that may sustain a dog bite.  Please allow space between you and the dogs around you.  Also do not let your dog eyeball, or stare down, another dog or allow your dog to jump up at people.  Please be respectful of other class attendees and our dog training team.  Dog training should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both dogs and people involved, so abusive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and should such occur in any training session you may be warned or asked to leave and a refund of fees paid shall not be given


If you have any questions about any of our classes or dog training services, please contact the dog training team at Home From Home Canine Academy on 01482 633574 (Option 3).  We're here to help and always happy to chat.