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One to One Dog Training

Obedience Dog TrainingDog Training 121 Prices

One to one training sessions can be carried out with you and your dog to develop their obedience and your own abilities as a dog handler. These sessions are usually one hour in duration, however half an hour sessions can be provided if required. We will follow a tailored training plan developed for you by the dog trainer after your initial evaluation. We may decide after a few one to one sessions that your dog is ready to work in a class environment and they will then be assigned to a course that best suits their needs.

What do we offer?
  • We will show you how to motivate and communicate with your dog to achieve success!
  • All aspects of obedience can be covered during training sessions depending on you and your dog's needs
  • You will gain one to one attention from the dog trainer to develop your skills and knowledge base
  • A stronger relationship will be developed between you and your canine companion
  • You will develop an understanding of various training techniques
  • You will come to understand the importance of consistency and timing when it comes to rewards and correction
  • Training sessions are flexible to suit you

Behavioural Dog TrainingDog Training 121 Prices

Behavioural problems can range in severity, varying considerably, and occur for numerous reasons. They often require a lot of patience on behalf of the owner to be resolved. Many rescue dogs for instance, suffer from a lack of socialisation with people and other dogs, due to them living a restricted life in a shelter environment. This can cause a number of behavioural problems to arise such as nervous aggression to people or other dogs. Other behavioural problems can also develop such as chewing, excessive barking, destructive behaviour or separation anxiety, which all vary in intensity. Identifying the reasons behind your dog’s behaviour is the key to successfully solving their behaviour problems.

After your dog’s initial behavioural evaluation, a tailored training plan will be developed to address the behaviour.  These session are usually one hour in duration, however half an hour sessions can be arranged if required.  During one to one sessions, you will be taught the techniques you can use to improve your dog’s behaviour and develop your own confidence as a dog owner. 

What do we offer?
  • No problems are too big or small; we are here to listen and help!
  • We will help you understand the reasons behind your dog’s behaviour
  • By using this knowledge you can then change your own behaviour as a dog handler, and change the way your dog behaves
  • We work on giving your dog another option of how to behave appropriately in certain situations
  • We will give you the techniques to improve your dog’s behaviour at home and out in the real world
  • Sessions can be carried out in the training centre or outside depending on your needs
  • Training is flexible to suit you
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