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Puppy  Playgroups & Socialization

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Do you need a safe and secure environment to socialize your puppy?  Then why not attend our puppy playgroups.

" For just £4.00 we offer a great way for your dog to meet and interact with other dogs, people and new environments.  Encouraging plenty of socialization, this is key to laying a good foundation for your dog's future well-being and happiness."

Puppy Play Group Fee

Puppy Playgroups

What do we offer?
  • Free advice on your puppies care and upbringing for the whole family - especially children
  • Puppies taught how to interact and socialise with other dogs during the sensitive development period
  • Vital socialisation with people
  • Coming back when called with distractions
  • Dog puzzles to stimulate their minds
  • Discussions carried out on common puppy behaviour such as jumping up and mouthing
  • Information given on training classes
  • Maximum of 8 puppies per group to prevent them becoming overwhelmed
  • 30 minute sessions
  • Only £4.00 per puppy
  • 25% of proceeds go to our chosen charity of the month. Details on request.