Agility Training Classes – Coming soon!


Home from Home Pet Care will soon be expanding their dog training services to include pet dog agility classes! 

Agility is a fun way to exercise your dog physically and mentally, having numerous benefits to the dog and owner. Because you and your dog will have to work as a team, the bond between you will develop and become stronger.  Your dog will learn to follow your lead and your command through numerous agility obstacles including jumps, the see saw, the dog walk, tunnels, weave poles, the A-frame, the long jump and the hoop! Agility training improves the level of communication between you, as in order for your dog to navigate and complete the course, he must follow your visual and verbal instructions.  This also establishes trust and confidence in you as their friend, owner and handler. Many working dog breeds have excess energy or display negative behaviours because their basic desire to work is not met and they are under-stimulated. Agility becomes an outlet for this energy and works with their natural instincts, sharpening their mind, and giving them a job to do!

An initial six week beginners course will be carried out, where you and your dog will be taught the various obstacles, followed by weekly practice sessions to brush up on your dogs speed, concentration and accuracy. The classes will be aimed at pet dogs and will not be as strict as competition style agility. They will however give you a good basis if you are wishing to go on to compete in this sport with your dog.

A good basic level of obedience including a strong sit, down, stay and recall will be required before enrolling on an agility course. If your dog struggles with these you may be advised that a six week obedience course would be beneficial first. 

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