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Vote for Rex for the PDSA Survivor of the Year Award

Rex the wonder dog has pulled through some horrific injuries after a near fatal accident involving a train.  Read more below on this amazing story and the love one family gave to bring Rex back from the brink .....

Rex was hit by a train, shattering his skull, but his determined nature helped him to survive. Rex was on a walk near his home when he decided to race a train on the nearby track. Somehow he managed to squeeze through a crossing gate and was hit by the train and thrown onto the opposite line. Rex was rushed to Swanbridge Veterinary Hospital with severe head injuries and with his left eye out of its socket; Vets stabilised Rex but advised his distraught owners that he was unlikely to last the night. And even if he did there was a chance of permanent brain damage. But when owner Caroline visited Rex at the surgery he managed to lift his head a little and wag his tail. Eventually Rex was strong enough for vets to operate: His skull was in bits and his eye eventually had to be removed but all through his treatment Rex never growled or snapped once. Now Rex is back on four paws he is due to visit local schools to highlight the dangers of straying onto train tracks.

To vote for Rex to be crowned PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year, text ‘Vote Rex’ to 70099. 
Each text will result in a £1 donation to PDSA, plus the cost of your usual network message rate. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 15 December, so please don’t vote after this time as your vote won’t count but you may still be charged. The winner will be announced in the Sunday Express on 22 December.

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