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Mandy M
Pet Care Supervisor - Director

Mandy M

Mandy, along with husband Tony, opened the doors of Home From Home Boarding Kennels & Cattery in February 1992 for the very first time.

From the very start Mandy wanted to offer customers a welcoming, friendly and homely service we're customers would have the peace of mind in knowing that their beloved pets were being cared for to a standard that they'd expect at home.

In 1994 Mandy introduced a dog grooming service initially for customers pets who were boarding.  It was such a success that Mandy offered the service to non-boarders also and between 1994 & 2007 Mandy has groomed thousands of the regions dogs.

Mandy takes great pride in her work and the care she affords to customers pets and to this day is still hands on with the day to day care of the cats and dogs in Home From Home's care.