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Play Sessions

Would you like your dog to have fun with other dogs?  For just £3.00 our Play Groups are just the answer.

"Play and interaction can be just as important to your dogs wellbeing as feeding and exercise.  All dogs need mental stimulation in one form or another to keep them happy, and that's why we spend time and effort ensuring that your dog is active physically and mentally."

Unlike some other dog day care businesses, we believe that continual play in large play groups can sometimes be detrimental to your dogs overall well-being. Having a number of short play sessions through the day with rest breaks and walks in between means your dog is going to have a much more structured day and will lead to a happy and healthier dog.

Our dedicated play centre offers stimulation and fun for your dog whatever the weather.  Offering lots of toys, bones, digging pits, ball pits and specially selected interactive toys, its the perfect place to release energy and eradicate boredom.  Supervised at all times by qualified members of the pet care team, you can add the use of this additional facility on a daily care basis or for the length of an entire stay.

Sessions can be on a 1 on 1 basis or you can choose to have your dog socialized with other suitable dogs in a play group.  All dogs entering a play group are assessed initial so they join the right group for their breed and temperament. This means your dog will have the most enjoyable experience they can have playing and interacting with other dogs."

If you'd like to see your dog in one of our play groups whilst you are away we record all our play groups and upload a video each week.  To view our play group video's just ........  Click here to access the page now.


Want to see our latest play group video?  Please view Play Groups March 2013 Week 4 below.

The Puppy & Small Breed play group is perfect for younger dogs to interact with older dogs of a similar size with out the dominance of larger adult dogs that can sometimes occur. 

The Rough & Tumble play group is a great for larger dogs to release energy with boisterous and physical play with other dogs.  Use of the ball and digging pits adds a fun dimension to it for your dog too. Great group for labs etc.

Video coming soon, please check back later .....

The temperament play group is for dogs who require less physical play but still enjoy socialization with other dogs.  This would be the ideal play group for dogs of a more placid nature and older dogs.

Video coming soon, please check back later .....

The One on One play group is best suited to dogs who, for one reason or another aren't comfortable, or used to, socializing with other dogs.  Your dog shall take a play session with a pet care assistant only.  If you would like your dog to be encouraged to socialize more, we can use this group to assist in this. 

All our play sessions are tailored to your dogs breed and temperament with a maximum of 8 dogs in any one play group.  All play groups are supervised by at least two pet care assistants.  Play sessions are broken down in to 1/4hr.